Boilers for biomass

Pellet operating boilers:

Our line of boilers for pellet operation comprises capacities ranging from 100 to 1200 bhp. We offer three-step package type boilers and traveling grate stoker with an automated system that guarantees low oxygen in the chimney and minimum unburned, making these the most efficient boilers available on the market.

Biomass boilers:

Our combustion system combines four elements that guarantee the highest combustion efficiency, the elimination of dark-colored fumes and the reduction of unburned both in the ashes of the grill and of the cyclone

1. Air Swept Distributor type fiber feed system with high pressure air fuel distribution.

2. Very robust traveling grate stoker that operates in counterflow with the fuel supply, which guarantees automatic operation and minimizes unburned in the shut of ashes from the hearth.

3. Cyclonic combustion in a water-tube hearth of greater volume lined with refractory in its lower part.

4. System for the reinjection of ashes and unburned elements present in the combustion gases, thereby minimizing the handling of ashes in the cyclone discharge.

Technical Specifications

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