Firetube boilers
to operate with gas, biogas, diesel, fuel oil

VR Ingeniería boilers are the result of thirty years of experience. They combine universal knowledge in the design of heat exchange equipment, take care of even the smallest details, and are supported by the most demanding manufacturing codes, to offer equipment as efficient and durable as the best built in the world.

  • Our package type boilers, for gas, fuel oil and biogas are designed and manufactured with capacities from 80 to 1800 BHP.
  • Operating pressure up to 250 PSIG (up to 300 PSIG offered on some models).
  • High efficiency with the option of economizer or condensation economizer.
  • Optionally, oxygen control can be supplied.
  • NFPA gas trains.
  • 100% compliance with environmental regulations.

Technical Specifications

gas fuel oil firetube boilers