Reactor parts

For the Oil & Gas sector, VR Ingeniería has specialized in the supply of spare parts for reactors and regenerators of refineries with a high degree of demand in terms of manufacturing standards, manufacturing materials, and product quality.

Among the equipment manufactured we have:
  • Reactor and regenerator domes

  • Regenerator cyclones

  • Catalyst distributor

  • Plenum

  • Riser

  • Air distributor

  • Y sections

All parts are supplied with high or low-density refractory according to the particular application of each part.

We have refractory material storage areas with 24/7 temperature and humidity control to guarantee the quality of the products at the time of installation.

At the request of our VR engineering clients, refractory installation activities can be supervised and accredited by an API 936 inspector.

VR Engineering has more than 30 qualified welding procedures in accordance with section IX. of the ASME code for the following materials:

  • Carbon steel number P1, groups 1 and 2

  • Low alloyed steels numbers P3, P4, P5

  • Stainless steels numbers P6, P7, P8, and P10H