Sector Oil and Gas

Oil & Gas


Sector Oil & Gas

Our portfolio of products for the Oil & Gas sector includes heat exchangers, pressure vessels, oil heaters, columns, heaters, reactors, and separators, built-in materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, alloyed steels, and non-ferrous materials.

We integrate process engineering and thermal and mechanical designs, using our own development programs and specialized software tools such as HTRI, COMPRESS, and Ansys. 

Heat exchangers

VR Ingeniería offers solutions in shell-tube, double tube, multitube, hairpin, condensation, and reboiler type heat exchangers, complying with the international standards ASME, TEMA, and API.

Through HTRI software we can provide thermal designs for new installations and upgrades for existing projects and spare parts.

The exchangers can be supplied alone as individual units, or as a package unit, mounted on a skid, including the instrumentation and the control and supervision systems. 

Pressure vessels

We design and manufacture pressure vessels for installation in refineries, pumping stations, and compression stations for applications such as: 

  • General service
  • Lethal service
  • Service in humid H2S
  • Hydrogen service
  • Service in amine

In all services, we design and manufacture pressure vessels from 15 PSIG to 5000 PSIG.

We specialize in the manufacture of equipment with specifications from the world’s leading process licensee companies such as Axens, UOP, Kellogg, and Exxon.

Air coolers

We offer air coolers for condensation or cooling of process fluids utilizing an airstream, complying with the standards:

  • ASME, section VIII, div. 1, U-stamp.
  • API 661, Air-Cooled Heat Exchangers

Type G, type L, or extruded aluminum finned tubes are used

Oil Heaters

In processes where it is not possible to make the calorific contribution through a direct system, it is necessary to resort to heating systems with thermal oil. 

The oil heaters supplied by VR Ingeniería can operate with very low pressures and within a temperature range of up to 350 ºC, with organic oils, and up to 420 ° C, with synthetic oils. In oil heaters, corrosion problems are non-existent and their low risk allows them to be located in the work areas themselves without the need for special civil works.

VR Ingeniería offers options of oil heaters with single or double helical coil and with capacities from 500,000 to 20 million Btu / h. 

For the Oil & Gas sector, VR Ingeniería supplies the oil heater in a turnkey mode, as a complete system, including the following components:

  • Thermal expansion tank
  • Recirculation pumps
  • Feed and drain tank
  • Recirculation pumps
  • Oil heater with radiant section
  • Convection section
  • Coils
  • Chimenea de salida de gases a la atmósfera
  • BMS
  • Stairs and platforms

The oil heaters for the Oil & Gas sector are designed and manufactured according to the guidelines of the API 560 standard and the ASME code, section VIII, div. I, and at the customer’s request, can include the ASME “U-stamp” and be registered with the National Board.

Reactors parts

For the Oil & Gas sector, VR Ingeniería has specialized in the supply of spare parts for reactors and regenerators of refineries with a high degree of demand in terms of manufacturing standards, manufacturing materials, and product quality. Within the manufactured equipment we have:

  • Reactor and regenerator
  • domes
  • Regenerator cyclones
  • Catalyst distributor
  • Plenum
  • Riser
  • Air distributor
  • Y sections

All parts are supplied with high- or low-density refractory according to the particular application of each part.  We have refractory material storage areas with 24/7 temperature and humidity control to guarantee the quality of the products at the time of installation. At the request of our clients, refractory installation activities can be supervised and accredited by an API 936 inspector. VR Ingeniería has more than thirty welding procedures qualified according to section X of the ASME code for the following materials:

  • Carbon steel number P1, groups 1 and 2
  • Low alloyed steels numbers P3, P4, P5
  • Stainless steels numbers P6, P7, P8, and P10H

Two-phase and three-phase separators

We supply equipment for two-phase separation (oil-gas) and three-phase separation (oil-water-gas) for testing wells or the production process in the Oil & Gas sector.

Based on the particular data of each process, we carry out the sizing of the separators in strict compliance with the API12J standard, Specification for Oil and Gas Separators.

Our separators are designed, manufactured, and mechanically tested in accordance with the guidelines of the ASME code, section VIII, div. I, and, at the customer’s request, the separators can be supplied with the ASME “U-stamp” and registered with the National Board.

All our separators are supplied with internals such as deflectors, vortex breakers, separation baffles, and Demister or Vane type mist eliminators, as required by the process and with custom designs.

Integration with a company that has the expertise in the mechanical, electrical, instrumentation, and automation disciplines, guarantees the customer the acquisition of a turnkey solution, with a single person responsible for the compatibility and operational functioning of the equipment as an integral unit.

We supply reliable and accurate flow measurement systems, complying with the Resolution 41251 of the Ministry of Mines and Energy.


Measurement and process skid

We integrate the experience in the development of automation and instrumentation architectures to our metalworking portfolio, to deliver a complete solution that guarantees the adequate operation of the measurement units, on skid, package type.

Our measurement skids are designed, manufactured, and mechanically tested according to ASME, VIII, Div.1; ASME B31.1, and B31.3.

We integrate instrumentation, flow computers, automation, boards, and electrical assemblies for areas classified with risk of explosion to subsystems of the Oil & Gas industry.

We guarantee compliance with international standards for measurement systems in custody transfer applications or LACT units (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer). Strategic alliances with the best instrumentation manufacturers, through OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) type agreements, allow us to deliver solutions tailored to the requirements of each client and each process.

Steam generation systems

The application of a project management methodology focused on anticipating risk management and the union of our metalworking, electrical, and automation departments, have shaped our organization’s strategy to supply turnkey-type steam generation rooms.

Electrical and Automation Division

In our Electrical and Automation Division, we have made alliances with the leading global manufacturers in automation, maneuvering and instrumentation, integrating engineering, assembly, programming, mounting and commissioning, to deliver solutions with maximum reliability and total safety.

We have experience in the development of projects in a wide variety of sectors, where we have executed hundreds of successful projects ranging from the supply of power and control panels to the integration of complete projects for the automation of complete plants in sectors such as: food and beverages, cement, Oil & Gas, transportation, manufacturing, agribusiness, among others.