Sector biomasa


Biomass solutions

We design and build boilers that use different types of biomass: African palm process residues, coffee husks, wood (even with high humidity), pellets of different types of biomass.

Our combustion system combines four elements that guarantee the highest combustion efficiency, the elimination of dark-colored fumes and the reduction of unburned both in the ashes of the grill and of the cyclone. 


Boilers for biomass

We design and build boilers of up to 40 ton/h for different types of biomass such as residues from the African palm process, coffee husk, wood (even with high humidity), pellets, cane bagasse, among others.

  • The boilers for pellet operation are fire-tube package type with traveling grate stoker.
  • For operation with husks such as coffee and other volatile biomass, the boilers are designed with a cyclonic combustion chamber and ash reinjection.
  • For the African palm process, we offer three boiler models according to the operating pressure: low pressure, up to 10 bar; medium pressure, up to 30 bar, and high pressure, up to 60 bar, with overheating up to 400 ° C.