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Industrial sector

For the industrial sector we offer fire tube boilers to operate with any fuel, heat exchangers, tanks and oil heaters; With our Electrical and Automation Division we offer the automation and modernization of equipment, processes and complete plants, and we integrate our mechanical and electrical disciplines to supply turnkey equipment and systems.

We are specialists in the development of complete projects for the generation of steam with any fuel, which include the supply of boilers, assembly, steam networks, fuel handling, environmental control systems, and the required control and automation systems, all delivered on a turnkey basis. 

Firetube boilers

VR Ingeniería boilers are of the four-pass fire-tube type, which guarantees greater efficiency. They are supplied with high-efficiency burners that provide a low oxygen level in the chimney. The boiler can be supplied with an integral economizer that allows increasing energy efficiency according to the inlet temperature of the feed water. 

Coal boilers

Our line of coal-fired boilers comprises capacities ranging from 100 to 1800 bhp. In boilers up to 1200 bhp, we offer the three-step package and traveling grate stoker. In larger capacities, we offer combined type boilers.

All our models are delivered with an automated system that guarantees low oxygen in the chimney and minimum unburned, making these the most efficient boilers available in the market.


VR Ingeniería economizers are designed and manufactured for boilers with capacities greater than 100 bhp with the objective of increasing their overall thermal efficiency between 4% and 10%, depending on the temperature of the water entering the boiler and associated conditions. They can be supplied with bare or finned tubing with helical, H or double H type aluminum or steel fins. The economizers can be the standard or condensing type if the process allows it.


We supply Spray-Tray type deaeratorswith capacities ranging from 3.5 ton / h to 500 ton / h. Deaerators are manufactured in accordance with ASME code, section VIII, div. 1 and HEI recommendations (Heat Exchange Institute)for design and manufacture of deaerators of the Tray type.

Oxygen levels are guaranteed under any load condition below 7 ppb. Supplied as a package unit, including instrumentation and control system.

Environmental control equipment

In order to comply with current environmental regulations, we offer:

  • High-efficiency multi cyclones
  • Pulse-jet filter bags

Steam Generation Systems

The application of a project management methodology focused on anticipating risk management and the union of our metalworking, electrical, and automation departments, have shaped our organization’s strategy to supply turnkey-type steam generation rooms.

Thermal oil heating systems

Experience and knowledge are our value propositions in the integration of metalworking equipment with its instrumentation, the control system, and the supervision architecture in thermal oil heaters.

We supply thermal oil heaters, together with their auxiliary systems, on a turnkey basis, from design to operation and according to the API 560 standard. We have custom designs to adjust to the capacities or special requirements of our clients.

In processes where a failure can trigger conditions that threaten the life, health, or assets of our customers, we offer solutions within the framework of the IEC 61508 standard, with control and instrumentation systems with a safety level up to SIL3.

When a process stoppage represents a loss of money or a considerable risk for our client, we supply redundant Hot Standby type instrumentation, supervision and control architectures, guaranteeing a high level of process availability (24/7).

Electrical and Automation Division

In our Electrical and Automation Division, we have made alliances with the leading global manufacturers in automation, maneuvering and instrumentation, integrating engineering, assembly, programming, mounting and commissioning, to deliver solutions with maximum reliability and total safety.

We have experience in the development of projects in a wide variety of sectors, where we have executed hundreds of successful projects ranging from the supply of power and control panels to the integration of complete projects for the automation of complete plants in sectors such as: food and beverages, cement, Oil & Gas, transportation, manufacturing, agribusiness, among others.