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Energy sector

VR Ingeniería offers a wide range of services for power plant power boilers and their auxiliary equipment, regardless of the original manufacturer. We offer parts for power boilers, such as tube banks, superheaters, economizers, air preheaters, desuperheaters, and refractories.

We are specialists in upgrades of steam generating units, modifying superheaters, desuperheaters, economizers and casings, adjusting them to the most recent designs. When the fireplace and the combustion system allow increasing the fuel burning capacity, we can increase its steam generation capacity, for this we modify the original designs, in the case of the economizers, we use the latest generation finned pipes and we adjust superheaters and desuperheaters, allowing to increase the capacity of the boilers as far as the hearth and the combustion system allow it.

Superheaters and desuperheaters

The superheaters designed and manufactured by VR Ingeniería aim to increase the overall thermal efficiency of the system and reduce the risk of condensation of the steam transferred to the point of use. They can be supplied with bare or finned steel tubes of the helical, H, or double H type.

or processes in which it is required to cool superheated steam to bring it a few degrees above saturation conditions, we supply mechanical type or Venturi type desuperheaters, depending on the specific application of the process.

Economizers and air preheaters

VR Ingeniería´s economizers are designed with the objective of increasing the overall thermal efficiency of the boilers between 4% and 10% (depending on the inlet water temperature and its associated conditions) and reducing the operating cost of the system. They can be supplied with bare or finned pipes with aluminum or steel fins of the helical type, in H or double H. 

Complete boiler upgrades

VR Ingeniería offers repair and Upgrade of power boilers.

More than 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of boilers for the industrial and Oil & Gas sector allows us to place all our “Know how” at the disposal of our clients for the integral development and tailored to each project.

We have specialized machinery for pipe forming in order to meet each of the different needs of our customers. 

  • CNC pipe benders
  • Pipe end reducer
  • Stress relief furnace

VR Ingeniería has more than thirty qualified welding procedures following section X of the ASME code for the following materials:

  • Carbon steel number P1, groups 1 and 2
  • Low alloyed steels numbers P3, P4, P5
  • Stainless steels numbers P6, P7, P8, and P10H
  • Non-ferrous metals numbers P32, P34, P35, P42

Refractories and casings

We have specialized in the installation of a low, medium, and high-density refractories for critical process equipment that are subjected to high temperatures and highly erosive fluids and that require a refractory or anti-erosive coating to protect the structural parts of the equipment.

The refractory installation is carried out on hexagonal mesh, V-anchors, or S-bars depending on the process and type of refractory used.

At the customer’s request, the refractory installation can be supervised and accredited by an API 936 inspector. Some of the equipment in which we have installed refractories are:

At the customer’s request, the refractory installation can be supervised and accredited by an API 936 inspector. Some of the equipment in which we have installed refractories are:

  • Reactor and regenerator domes
  • Regenerator cyclones
  • Catalyst distributor
  • Plenum
  • Riser
  • Air distributor
  • Y sections

Electrical and Automation Division

In our Electrical and Automation Division, we have made alliances with the leading global manufacturers in automation, maneuvering and instrumentation, integrating engineering, assembly, programming, mounting and commissioning, to deliver solutions with maximum reliability and total safety.

We have experience in the development of projects in a wide variety of sectors, where we have executed hundreds of successful projects ranging from the supply of power and control panels to the integration of complete projects for the automation of complete plants in sectors such as: food and beverages, cement, Oil & Gas, transportation, manufacturing, agribusiness, among others.